Mama Bear & Her Baby Bears Engraved Cuff Bracelet

A super cute way for mama to carry her babies with her.

A Meaningful Gift

There's no coming between a mama and her cubs, and no mama knows this better than you! Engraved with the number of cubs that you hold dear, this is made for you!

metal cuff bracelets with sayings

Selected Reviews

"This was a beautiful gift to myself! I love my kids and now that both of them are off to college, I sure do miss them every day. We don't speak as much as we used to, and I miss that, but at least with this bracelet, I can touch it every day and think of them."
— Avery Worthington —
silver cuff bracelet with sayings
"This was an awesome mother's day gift! Mama loved it and she said she wears it every day! She's always been a fan of pink everything, so the rose gold bracelet was just perfect!"
— Allison Hanson —

    Rose Gold
    Mama + Cubs